Laser Welding Kepler

Laser Welding Galileo Manfredi

Laser Welding Kepler

Kepler is not only a laser machine but a welding platform fully configurable. The user can choose power, accessories and trims. Kepler figures as power, connectivity, optic aggregate and cooling circuit system make it one of a kind.

MMC (Multiple machine control)

Possibility to control the machine through various devices(joystick, mouse, touch-screen).

DCS (Digital Connection System)

Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection to the web for remote diagnostic or data exchange.

DMS (Digital Magnification System)

Digital magnification of the working area to adapt the vision to the dimensions of the part to weld.

ASB (Automatic Stand-By)

Automatic digital system of stand-by for energy saving and increase of the life of the machine.

LAD (Local Automatic Diagnosys)

Detection and warning of the working anomalies on the display of the machine.

RAD (Remote Automatic Diagnosys)

Remote analysis by Reddish Stone of the working anomalies of the machine.

Metal housing

Complete metal housing to ensure sturdiness, long life and of the machine and compliance to the safety standards.